SEFAC is a general purpose and versatile recessed access cover system designed to be used with a variety of ‘in-fill’ surface finishes (no greater than 20mm thick) and for a wide range of project applications. As with other Elkington systems, SEFAC provides quick and safe access to underground chambers and ducts. Configurations include Standard Single, Special Single, Duct (Trench) and Multi-Span access cover systems. Components are laser-cut and assembled on a mechanised production line, to ensure precise tolerances and a high-quality finish. The neat plain-edge detail of the cover and frame achieves a discreet and unobtrusive installation within a hard surface. SEFAC provides a simple and cost-effective option.

Load Class

SEFAC covers are available to suit the load classifications A15 kN (SEFAC 50), B125 kN (SEFAC 80) and C250 kN (SEFAC 120). Please refer to the loading table within the technical section.

SEFAC has been load tested in accordance with the European Standard EN 124 by recognised institutions. Testing is undertaken with a full concrete infill. Load test certificates are available on request.

In order to meet loading requirements, SEFAC covers should be filled with concrete (specification C45/55). Surface finish material installed on top of the SEFAC cover should be no greater than 20mm deep.


SEFAC covers can be used for both internal and external applications. Stainless steel or aluminium units are often selected for internal use for improved aesthetics.

SEFAC covers have been designed to accommodate a thinner surface material (no greater than 20mm, including bedding mortar). For deeper paving units, please consider XPAVE.

SEFAC covers can be custom-made to accommodate deeper surface finish material; however it may be more cost-effective to use a standard cover wherever possible

A wide range of surface finishes can be considered, including concrete (for industrial applications), tiles, wooden or laminated flooring, resin flooring, other flexible flooring etc.

Due to the plain-edge detail of cover and frame, SEFAC can be used in any aesthetic location where the cover is required to blend with a decorative hard-surface material.

Please refer to Projects for further information.


SEFAC is available in the following materials:

Galvanised steel (EN ISO 1461) – Please specify GS

Aluminium grade AIMg3 – Please specify AL

Stainless steel grades AISI 304, 316 and 316L – Please specify either SS304, SS316 or SS316L

If the environment in which covers are to be installed is corrosive please refer to Elkington with details of the aggressive chemicals apparent.

Standard System Features

SEFAC is manufactured from 3mm gauge high-quality steel (for A15 – C250 covers) with the specification S235 JRG2 in accordance with EN 10025 (available with Certificate 2.2 according to EN 10204). In order to comply with the European Standard EN 124, steel gauges used for cover and frame manufacture should be greater than 2.75mm gauge.

Access cover components are laser-cut and/or cold-formed to precise tolerances. Covers and associated frames are then jig-welded to ensure a precise fit.

The covers are tapered in design to achieve quick, simple and practical removal from the frame.

Cover base plates are supplied as standard (integral in the cover design) and can be stiffened with steel ribs to provide added rigidity; to meet specified load classes.

Fabricated steel units are hot-dipped galvanised in accordance with EN ISO 1461.

SEFAC frames and covers have a plain-edge detail for improved aesthetics. The frame and cover assembly is unobtrusive when installed in a paved surface. The use of 3mm (A15 – C250) gauge steel provides added strength and rigidity to the edge.

All SEFAC covers have a single neoprene seal. Covers can be considered water-tight (in normal rainwater conditions) and are also gas and air-tight. SEFAC units can be supplied with a double neoprene seal if required and specified.

All SEFAC covers are supplied with locking screws as standard for added safety and security. Covers over 700mm clear opening have two locking positions. Covers over 1000mm clear opening have four locking positions. Locking Screws have a heel-safe top detail. Security locking can also be incorporated if required and specified.

All SEFAC covers are supplied with T-Bar Lifting Keys and detailed installation instructions. Refer to Technical Information.

Additional Features

SEFAC covers can be custom-made to accommodate deeper surface materials when required.

Named service plaques (eg utilities, local authority name etc) can be included in the cover design.

Security locking screws can be incorporated on request.

Design and location of lifting blocks can be altered according to specification.

Frame levelling bolts can be incorporated for adjustment during installation.

Units are available with the option of additional concrete keys welded to the frame.

Other special features can be considered.

For any special features to be added to SEFAC covers, please refer directly to Elkington.

SEFAC Access Cover Sizes & Configurations

Download the Product Technical Brochure for additional information.

Duct & Multi-Span Cover Options

SEFAC can be manufactured as a ‘Duct (Trench) Cover’ or ‘Multi-Span Cover’; please refer to the Duct & Multi-Span section.