SOLID is a ‘solid cover’ access system designed to provide a basic covering to an underground chamber or duct (trench). SOLID provides a simple, quick, safe and cost-effective access cover solution. SOLID covers have a single neoprene seal which provides a gas and air-tight unit. This system is also available with assist-lift opening mechanisms to special order. Configurations include Standard Single, Special Single, Duct (Trench) and Multi-Span access cover systems. Components are laser-cut and assembled on a mechanised production line, to ensure precise tolerances and a high-quality finish. SOLID access covers provide a simple and cost-effective solution.

Load Class

SOLID standard covers are available to suit A15 load environments.

SOLID special cover designs can be supplied for loading environments up to D400. Should you have a need for a SOLID cover for use in a higher load class application, please refer to Elkington.


SOLID covers can be used for both internal and external applications where a simple access cover is required; where there is no need for the cover surface to match with the surrounding floor finish (when aesthetics may not be the first consideration). Stainless steel or aluminium units are often selected for internal use; for improved aesthetics.

Please refer to Projects for further information.


SOLID is available in the following materials:

Galvanised steel (EN ISO 1461) – Please specify GS

Aluminium grade AIMg3 – Please specify AL

Stainless steel grades AISI 304, 316 and 316L – Please specify either SS304, SS316 or SS316L

If the environment in which covers are to be installed is corrosive please refer to Elkington with details of the aggressive chemicals apparent.

Standard System Features

SOLID is manufactured from 3mm gauge high-quality steel (for A15 loading) with the specification S235 JRG2 in accordance with EN 10025 (available with Certificate 2.2 according to EN 10204).
In order to comply with the European Standard EN 124, steel gauges used for cover and frame manufacture should be greater than 2.75mm gauge.

Access cover components are laser-cut and/or cold-formed to precise tolerances. Covers and associated frames are then jig-welded to ensure a precise fit.

Covers have a simple ‘in-set’ design to achieve quick, simple and practical removal from the frame.

Fabricated steel units are hot-dipped galvanised in accordance with EN ISO 1461.

All SOLID covers have a single neoprene seal. Covers can be considered water-tight (in normal rainwater conditions) and are also gas and air-tight.

All SOLID covers are supplied with Locking Screws as standard for added safety and security. Locking Screws have a heel-safe top detail.

All SOLID covers are supplied with T-Bar Lifting Keys and detailed Installation Instructions. Refer to Technical Information.

Additional Features

Named service plaques (eg utilities, local authority name etc) can be included to the cover design.

Security locking screws can be incorporated on request.

Units are available with the option of concrete keys welded to the frame.

Other special features can be considered.

For any special features to be added to SOLID covers, please refer directly to Elkington.

SOLID Access Cover Sizes & Configurations

Download the Product Technical Brochure for additional information.

Duct & Multi-Span Cover Options

SOLID can be manufactured as a ‘Duct (Trench) Cover’ or ‘Multi-Span Cover’; please refer to the Duct & Multi-Span section.

SOLID Assist-Lift Covers

Refer to Technical Brochure and Elkington for more information.

SOLID access covers can also be supplied with Gas-Spring ‘Assist-Lift’ opening mechanisms if required.

These are ideal for use both internally and externally where an assist-lift cover is required for a light-duty A15 load application.

Covers and frames are available in hot-dipped galvanised steel, stainless steel and aluminium. The SOLID Assist-Lift cover top has a flush-cover design and an anti-slip top surface.

Units are hinged and incorporate a single seal.

For SOLID Assist-Lift Covers product information, specifications and drawings for this cover option are provided on a project-by-project basis.

Please refer to the technical team at Elkington with details of project requirements.

NB. If assist-lift access covers are selected, we would recommend that the installer uses a flexible silicone grout between the access cover frame and the adjacent surface material.

Assist-Lift cover options are supplied in standard clear-opening sizes only. Download the Product Technical Brochure for additional information.