Elkington understands the importance and need for comprehensive technical information and support, so provides a complete service to specifiers and contractors.

Helpful information and advice regarding the installation of Elkington access covers ensures a quick and hassle-free procedure, avoids any problems on site and achieves a high-quality and durable installation; for a happy client.

Comprehensive support includes a computer-aided design facility, product and installation drawings (in AutoCAD and pdf formats) and detailed installation information.

Installation drawings in AutoCAD and pdf formats are available for download from the Elkington website or on request from Elkington.

Information regarding Duct (Trench) & Multi-Span units is available on a project-by-project basis according to customer requirements.

Contact Us for further support from the Elkington technical team.

Information Download

The following information is available to download from this section:

Product Technical Brochure

Benefits Datasheet

Access Cover Installation Guide

Specification Clauses

Project Reference List

SEFAC 50 – PDF Drawings
SEFAC 50 – AutoCAD Drawings

SEFAC 80 – PDF Drawings
SEFAC 80 – AutoCAD Drawings

SEFAC 120 – PDF Drawings
SEFAC 120 – AutoCAD Drawings

XPAVE 95 – PDF Drawings
XPAVE 95 – AutoCAD Drawings

XPAVE 100 – PDF Drawings
XPAVE 100 – AutoCAD Drawings

XPAVE 150 – PDF Drawings
XPAVE 150 – AutoCAD Drawings

SOLID 30 – PDF Drawings
SOLID 30 – AutoCAD Drawings


DUCT Example