Elkington access covers have been designed and manufactured to suit a variety of project applications and load requirements (currently A15kN up to D400kN).

Elkington access covers are organised according to the EN 124 classifications. Please see the load information below. Information within the standard includes reference to gully tops and manhole tops for vehicular and pedestrian areas, design requirements, type testing, marking and quality control. The EN 124 standard relates to access covers that have a diameter of one meter wide or less; this standard does not relate to multi-span cover systems greater than one meter wide.

In accordance with EN 124, the test load is delivered through a 250mm test block positioned at the centre of the cover. The access covers are designed to withstand test load, deflection and deformation criteria specified in EN 124 for each loading category. Tests are undertaken and/or witnessed by independent and reputable institutions. Test load certificates are available on request.

EN 124:1994 classifies access covers into six groups, in relation to their place of installation: A15, B125, C250, D400, E600 and F900. Elkington currently supplies access covers for A15 to D400 load environments.

Loading – The Right Approach

For greater clarity regarding load classes and applications, Elkington has included some examples of typical installations that relate to specific load classes. If there is any doubt regarding the suitability of Elkington access covers regarding a load class and/or application, please refer to Elkington.

NB: Always specify a stronger load class if the project application could fall between two loading groups.


1.5 Tonne Wheel Load; 15kN Test Load

Application Examples: Internal floors and external pavements, lightly used pathways, light-duty pedestrian use, cycle tracks, domestic driveways, non-trafficked locations (against walls and building facades).


3 Tonne Wheel Load; 125kN Test Load

Application Examples: Internal floors and external pavements, pathways, pedestrian areas & precincts, forecourts, domestic driveways, small pallet trucks.


5 Tonne Wheel Load; 250kN Test Load

Application Examples: Any location subject to heavy-duty pedestrian use, precincts and shopping centres, commercial parking areas (subject  to occasional use by domestic and light-commercial vehicles), yards, locations subject to slow moving light and medium-duty traffic, factories and industrial areas (non E600 or F900 heavy-duty traffic), pallet trucks and small fork-lifts (pneumatic tyres).


11.5 Tonne Wheel Load; 400kN Test Load

Application Examples: Public parking and pedestrian areas, commercial, civil, leisure and industrial projects, slow moving medium-duty traffic (traffic speeds no greater than 20mph).

*Elkington access covers are not suitable for highways and carriageways where covers will be trafficked by fast-moving and/or heavy-duty vehicles (E600/ F900).

Loading – Important Notes

Elkington covers are load tested when completely filled with concrete (C45/55); other manufacturers of fabricated recessed access covers undertake load tests using the same methods.

In some projects there may be a need to include a surface finish material such as a ceramic tile or deeper paving unit. In such cases, the load capacity will be marginally reduced compared to a cover completely filled with concrete.

For SEFAC covers, the thickness of the floor finish material should not exceed 20mm.

For XPAVE covers, the thickness of the paving unit should not exceed 50mm. The paving units should also be bedded into the concrete infill when this is still wet (not yet cured, green).

A comprehensive Product Technical Brochure is available.