On projects there is often a need to provide safe, secure, practical and cost-effective access systems to cover continuous ducting (trenches) or large-span chambers that may also have branches, tees and other odd-shaped configurations.

Elkington can supply both ‘Duct (Trench) Covers’ and’ Multi-Span Covers’ in standard arrangements or to suit special layouts and configurations. These are available as SEFAC, XPAVE or SOLID cover types and for a variety of load applications.

It may be helpful to consult with Elkington at an early stage regarding more complex Duct (Trench) and Multi-Span configurations, to ensure the most practical and cost-effective design.

Enquiries & Orders

The quickest and most effective method to provide a quotation, specification and drawings for Duct (Trench) and Multi-Span Covers is on a project-by-project basis.

Please provide a plan view drawing showing the configuration of the duct (Trench) or chamber that you wish to cover; along with clear-opening dimensions, loading information (EN 124) and the surface finish material required. Elkington can then issue a detailed quotation, specification information and a drawing (in CAD or PDF format).

Further details highlighting the configurations possible are available by contacting Elkington GmbH.

Structural Integrity

Multi-Span covers (and sometimes Duct covers) are supplied with a practical cross-beam system (with rigid ‘I-Beam’ design profile), which provides structural integrity and can be easily removed to allow access to the total chamber area. The removable support beams are ribbed to provide added strength, to suit the specified loading.

The removable beams used in Multi-Span units are supported within Beam Housing Boxes which are installed flush with the chamber side wall, leaving an unrestricted opening when the covers and support beams are removed.

If special covers are fixed to frames with locking screws, this achieves a monolithic structure which is rigid when trafficked.

For special layouts and configurations, please contact the Elkington technical department to discuss your specific requirement.

The Technical Department at Elkington can also provide advice regarding loading and design.

Detailed CAD drawings of the Duct (Trench) or Multi-Span cover can be provided, for incorporation into project drawings and specifications.

A comprehensive Product Technical Brochure is available.