Innovative in design and manufacture, Elkington provides fabricated metal access covers where technology, aesthetics, performance and economics combine to satisfy all project requirements.

Elkington access covers protect and provide quick, safe and cost-effective access to underground equipment and services and are ideal for a wide variety of project applications (both internal and external).

Elkington access covers are suitable for discreet installation in a variety of hard-floor finishes including concrete, decorative paving (stone, marble, granite etc), tiles (ceramic, terrazzo etc), resin flooring and other surfaces.

Access covers are designed for A15 – D400 load applications.

The Elkington product family includes a variety of access cover designs:


SEFAC is a general purpose and versatile recessed access cover system designed to be used with a variety of ‘in-fill’ surface finishes (no greater than 20mm thick) and for a wide range of project applications. For A15 – C250 loading environments. Read More


The XPAVE recessed access cover system has been designed to provide quick and safe access to underground chambers and ducts where aesthetics are required to be maintained in a deeper block-paved surface. For A15 – D400 loading environments. Read More


SOLID is a ‘solid cover’ access system designed to provide a basic covering to an underground chamber or duct (trench). SOLID provides a simple, quick, safe and cost-effective access cover solution. SOLID covers have a single neoprene seal which provides a gas and air-tight unit. This system is also available with assist-lift opening mechanisms to special order. Standard covers are available for A15 loading environments but special units can also be manufactured to accommodate loads up to D400. Read More


On projects there is often a need to provide safe, secure, practical and cost-effective access systems to cover continuous ducting (trenches) or large-span chambers that may also have branches, tees and other odd-shaped configurations.

Elkington can supply both ‘Duct (Trench) Covers’ and’ Multi-Span Covers’ in standard arrangements or to suit special layouts and configurations. These are available as SEFAC, XPAVE or SOLID cover types and for a variety of load applications. Read More

A comprehensive Product Technical Brochure is available.